It's a secret to everybody
Irregularly released modern-day mixtapes. Handcrafted sonic experiences for your listening pleasure. Lovingly made for family and friends. Cruelty-free. Vegan. Enjoy these compilations, then go see a show to support the artists (while wearing a mask).
sudo xyzzy
Feb. 2023
Uncommon Sounds
Sep. 2022
Tabula Obliterata
Aug. 2022
Ghosts of Change
Dec. 2020
Feb. 2020
Oct. 2019
Dec. 2018
March On
Mar. 2018
Nevertheless The Beats Persisted
Sep. 2017
New Flames
Sep. 2016
Double Take
Jan. 2016
Pressure Cabin
Aug. 2015
Into the Crevasse
Dec. 2014
Jan. 2014
44 Musicisti Italiani
Jul. 2011
Wired Weird
Dec. 2009
All Great Things...
Dec. 2008
This Is Not Machine Made: Get Out Of The Trash 80s
Oct. 2008
Give Birth : Sprung Out
May. 2008
Feb. 2008
Coming for You
Nov. 2007
Slow Thaw
Apr. 2007
Neon Solstice
Feb. 2007
Maybe Today Is Longer
Apr. 2006
A New Old Sound
Jan. 2006
The Sun Closes
Nov. 2005