Teaching the art of computer science
As an assistant professor at Smith College I teach a variety of classes in computer science. Details can be found in the course search and the pages below.
CSC223 Software Engineering
How do we build software for use “in the wild”?
All software that is used in the real world was created under real constraints. In this course students learn how to engage in the messy-guessy process of specing, planning, designing, and building a software product that they intend to deploy in the wild.

Fall '22 | Spring '22 | Fall '21
CSC356 Platform Activism
How can we effect positive social change online?
Networked platforms like social media sites, gig sharing apps, and game consoles have become important spaces for grassroots activism, but human-computer interaction researchers continue to grapple with the question of how our work can effect positive social change online.

Fall '22 | Fall '21
CSC151 Programming Language Concepts
How do we become fluent programmers?
Bridging the gap from writing your first program to creating complex data structures can be daunting. By practicing multiple ways of solving problems with code, this class instills the skills to become a fluent programmer.

Spring '22